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Brand-L Creative Printing was created in June 2012 by Melissa Brandle and Kyle Nay in Helena, MT.  Our printing journey started as a way to create merchandise for musical artists recording at our studio Lethal Life.  We quickly discovered that there was potential for growth and decided to extend our services to the community.  We felt that operating under the name Lethal Life might be too aggressive sounding for a print company so we chose Brand-L as a play on Melissa's last name and to incorporate our root beginning as Lethal Life. That is what the "L" stands for.  Business slowly progressed until Melissa become ill and needed a kidney and pancreas transplant. She received her new organs June 29, 2016 after having to go through many many months of dialysis and sickness.  After her recovery, we started to experience growth in business again and hope to continue to expand and provide quality prints with excellent customer service.  Kyle is a wrestling coach of three teams in the Helena area and still produces music through Lethal Life.
Kyle and Melissa have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl!!

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